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Hi there, welcome to yet another blog post! I’m going to be doing a book tag today. I apologise for not being regular in the recent times, I’ve been busy and have a couple posts in the works. So when I was tagged to do this, I thought why not, since this is a relatively short post compared to regular ones. Enjoy!

I was tagged by the wonderful Riddhi B. at Whispering Stories. Go check out her blog for some really cool content!


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the last

The last book I read was Kiki Kallira Conquers a Curse by Sangu Mandanna. I wanted something light and fun hence the read. It was an ARC and sequel to Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom, which was also very good.

Yep! Initially, going into this book, I felt that something was missing, but I’m so glad I decided to stick till the end because Sangu Mandanna totally blew me away. I’m currently working on a review post for this book.

Definitely! In fact, you might find me yelling about this book sooner or later. Inspired by the legends of Mysore, it’s a story about found family and Kiki battling her inner demons a.k.a her anxiety and OCD.

the now

I am currently reading The Stardust Thief by Chelsea Abdullah and Nura and the Immortal Palace by M. T. Khan.

The Stardust Thief is one of my ARCs and it’s releasing next week, so I’m bound to finish it (though, I’m afraid I won’t be able to). It is a high fantasy inspired by 1001 Nights and the premise sounded really cool. As a fan of The City of Brass, I wanted to read this real baf.

I heard about Nura in a blog tour and it sounded really interesting! It follows a young girl, Nura, as she ventures into a world of dangerous djinn and unearths dark secrets. It also deals with issues of child labour, which I’m excited to see how it goes as this is, I think, the first time it’s been done in middle grade fantasy.

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna take a good amount of time for finishing The Stardust Thief. It’s great and interesting, but reads slower than I expected. And if I put my mind to it, I think I could finish Nura and the Immortal Palace in a couple days as it is relatively short.

the next

Um, maybe Middle Grade Fantasy or Adult High Fantasy. I am in the mood for the former but have no idea what to read, lol. I’d be glad if you could drop some recs in the comments. As for Adult Fantasy, I have many ARCs on my TBR, and would love to dive into one of them.

It depends, tbh. While I would love to skim (not literally) through a short and quick read and be done with, I also want to delve into a long and complicated fantasy for the escapism. My classes also resume from next week, so there’s the issue of time.

Looking at middle grade books, I currently have my eyes on The Last Fallen Moon by Graci Kim, sequel to The Last Fallen Star. I read the first one last year after it came out and I loved it. I’m so looking forward to reading the sequel that releases this June. Hopefully I’ll get approved for the ARC. Other than that, I already have Babel by R. F. Kuang and The Final Strife by Saara El-Arifi, which I’m pretty excited for.

i tag

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