Welcome, dweller, to The Erudite Labyrinth. Don’t worry, you will not get lost while you’re here! Feel free to go through the many, many posts on this blog—and hope you have a good time.

The Erudite Labyrinth is a blog that saw the light of the day in April of 2022 when a young girl thought that it was a great idea to keep a record of all her bookish thoughts. Initially started as a personal blog, the Labyrinth grew on to host other bloggers other authors while promoting diverse reads, specifically in the fantasy genre.

Here, you will find review posts, recommendation lists, monthly wrap-ups, author interviews, features, and many more. If you’re interested in collaborating for any post or would like to be featured on the blog, do reach out via the contact form.

Behind the blog is Queenie, a teen reader from India, who strives to see herself represented (accurately!) in popular media. She enjoys reading fantasy—the innate rush when getting yourself immersed into a new world is always something she’ll cherish. You can find her on Goodreads and Twitter.

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