Review Policy

All my reviews are completely honest and are entirely of my opinion. I read and review almost all my books on my Goodreads account. If there’s a book I really like or is a super popular/hyped up book, I also post the review on my blog (with exceptions, of course).

The same preferences apply for beta reads. If you’re sending me a request to beta read your work, please specify the genres, warnings and word count so I can plan accordingly.

reading preferences

I’m a huge supporter of diverse books/own voices. While I love reading books written by (or) featuring different races, cultures, LGBTQIA+ , disabled people, I do tend to gravitate most towards Asian—preferably South Asian-representation.

I read books from most age categories which include books targeting middle grade, young adult, new adult and adult audiences. However, if a title does not interest me or fall into my preferred genres, I am not obliged to accept the request.

In terms of my preferred genres and sub-genres; I highly prefer fantasy, science fiction and contemporary. I also read historical fiction, mysteries and thrillers though they aren’t as appealing as the former two. I avoid the non-fiction, horror and erotica genres.

I only accept e-ARCs for reviewing. I prefer EPUB or PDF, but I’m open to anything as long as it is digital and not hardback. I also accept audiobooks.

review policy

All the reviews I write are as honest and fair as possible. I have the right to express my opinion as freely as I can. This includes any form of criticism related to it.

I am not obliged to post a book review about an advanced review copy. Typically, if I end up not finishing a book, I post a short review on why the book wasn’t of my tastes. But that being said, I also reserve the right to not post the review.

I consider myself an own-voices reader and reviewer for books featuring South Asian, queer and neurodivergent representation.

review request

For submitting a review request to me, kindly fill out my contact form.

Please provide the following information while filling out the form:

  • Title, author and synopsis
  • Genres and sub-genres
  • Number of pages (or) length of book
  • Trigger warnings mentioned (if present)
  • Representation featured in the book (if present)
  • Link for the book on retail sites, preferably Goodreads.